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Powerful output for powerful machines

Since the last expansion of the company in 2018, our employees have been working in a hall covering 16,200 m².

They are mainly engaged in mechanical and electrical pre-assembly as well as testing the basic components of production systems for companies in the Brueckner Group. In addition, we are the center of procurement for the whole group.

Besides delivery of pre-assembly parts, our purchasing department also takes care of the the worldwide supply market.

Our highly qualified technicians are traveling around the world to support Brueckner Maschinenbau employees and customers  when installing the production lines.

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Our location

From an economic point of view, Slovakia is one of the traditional centers of the engineering industry in Europe as well as one of the industrial investment centers. From the perspective of our employees, Topoľčany, located in western Slovakia in Upper Nitra, is a great place to live. Versatile, lively, surrounded by nature. We are also well aware, that there are other important matters in life besides work, that need space for development and time to be enjoyed by our colleagues. 

One for all

On duty - for the group

Brueckner Slovakia works closely with leading companies of the Brueckner Group. We provide assembly and service tasks for BruecknerMaschinenbau, BruecknerServtec, Kiefel Technologies and PackSysGlobal. We have a central position within the group, both in terms of location and, above all, in terms of tasks.

Our scope of service and supply

The focus of our work is mechanical and electrical pre-assembly, however this is not the only task Brueckner Slovakia deals with. Our tasks are diverse, beginning with the designers, continuing with the purchasing department, which supplies parts from all over the worldwide market. We test each part of the machinery before trial operation. Only when we make sure that everything works, our site managers and supervisors travel with our production lines to customers all over the world to ensure that all machinery from our company is properly assembled.

Mechanical preassembly

Foil machinery from Brueckner Maschinenbau is so extensive that it is completely assembled at the customer's site.

However, certain components are already pre-assembled mechanically in our country and therefore they are ready for immediate use. Since each assembly line is unique, it is always a big challenge for us.


Electrical preassembly

During pre-assembly, we also prepare parts of machines and equipment that require a sense of fine electrical engineering. Our technological equipment is individually designed to the needs of our customers, they must be precisely adapted and thoroughly checked. Therefore, this work requires specialists and professionals.

Quality control

Quality control is a must for our work as air is to breathe. Every part of the machinery and equipment must be thoroughly checked before transport. We also provide service for older production lines, for example on behalf of BruecknerServtec. Due to the high-performance use of our machines, each component must always be in perfect condition.

Functional test

For trouble-free operation on site, our equipment must work perfectly. Our job is to test all possibilities of use, whether it is a new project or parts of tested equipment – we  go into the details before handing it over to the customer.

Logistics worldwide

Machine and equipment parts assembled in our company are safely and quickly transported anywhere in the world. We are a purchasing hub for all companies in the Brueckner Group. Besides delivery of pre-assembly parts, our purchasing department also takes care of the worldwide supply market.

On site assembly

Our engineers are available to customers around the world during assembly and commissioning. As a result, we come to different parts of the world and see directly from the customer whether everything works properly and what could be improved in the future.


In all of our activities, we are in close contact with other companies of the Brueckner Group. We examine each other, solve workflows and look for optimization options. Inactivity is a foreign word for us.

Chances and possibilities

  • Our employees are encouraged with a good salary and social benefits.
  • We work with leading and innovative technologies.
  • We are an international company, working for customers from all over the world.
  • We offer both stability and freedom of thought.
  • We are constantly developing.
  • We care for the good of our employees.
  • We focus on quality to meet the highest standards.
  • The strong network of the Brueckner Group offers support and perspective.

More information?

If you would like to know more, you can download our brochure here.


Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions:
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